Top 10 Legal Steroids

Legal steroids have become so popular these days as more and more athletes and bodybuilders all over the world are switching from real steroids to legal steroids. Crazy Bulk is the leading manufacturer for legal steroids these days and has remained so for over 7 years due to the quality of products they produce.

Here are the top 10 legal steroids from Crazy Bulk…


Dbal is a supplement that does not just help grow muscle mass but also acts as a booster for nitrogen retention in the body. Furthermore, it also helps in the body’s protein synthesis.

Top 10 Legal Steroids
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Trenorol mainly functions as a bulking supplement which means its primary role is building muscles. However, this also works to condition muscles by strengthening them and giving them a leaner and more defined appearance.

This also helps in increasing nitrogen retention for the purpose of bulking more muscle mass.


Winsol is one of the most popular cutting supplements in the world of legal steroids. This works by helping your body synthesize and burn more fats without negatively affecting your muscles. Furthermore, this also gives more power to your muscles so you can have better performance as well as a better body build.


Anvarol is quite similar to Winsol as its main purpose is to cut down the excess fats in your body. This is perhaps considered to be one of the most effective and yet affordable supplements for cutting. In addition to fat burning, it also helps in increasing the stamina levels of the body so your endurance would also be prolonged.


HGH-X2 is one of the most unique legal steroids from Crazy Bulk. This is considered to be one of the bulking agents and also works in the release of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) (find out more), thus the name. HGH is as important as testosterone especially in muscle growth and the melting of excess body fats. It is also very helpful in the production of protein.

Protein is in fact the most important vitamin in growing muscles as well as in nourishing it. This is what really builds it up.

Testo Max

Testo Max is a natural testosterone booster which helps your body experience the needed anabolic effects in a safe manner. This legal steroid is primarily made from a plant called Tribuluis Terrestris which is known to boost testosterone in a man’s body. Aside from helping you increase muscle mass, this is also essential in enhancing your sex drive as well as your stamina levels. It is one of the most popular steroids this year and you will not have a problem finding where to buy anabolic steroids online.


Gynecterol is a legal steroid whose primary use is to enlarge man boobs. Most men have boobs and a lot are embarrassed having soggy ones. This is the perfect remedy as it helps not just in enlarging man boobs but it makes it more firm and defined. This works by melting the excess fats under the chest area so only muscles will remain and thus making your chest look more solid. This also makes a perfect view with your abs.